Social media competition guidelines

Our clients often ask us “what are the do’s and don’ts around social media competitions?” So to help out, we’ve compiled this handy little overview that covers the latest guidelines from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram.

The top 10 British TV ads

It’s 60 years today since the first ad hit British TV screens (for a point in your next pub quiz, it was by toothpaste brand Gibbs SR). To mark the occasion, Marketing Magazine asked the nation to vote for their favourite ads. Here’s what the great British public picked:

#10 Levi’s “Laundrette” (4% of the vote)

#9 John Lewis “Always a woman” (5% of the vote)

#8 Guinness “Surfer” (5% of the vote)

#7 Budweiser “Whasssuuuppp” (5% of the vote)

#6 Coca-Cola “I’d like to teach the world to sing” (7% of the vote)

#5 Yellow Pages “JR Hartley” (7% of the vote)

#4 Hamlet cigars (7% of the vote)

#3 Smash Martians (11% of the vote)

#2 Compare the Market (16% of the vote)

#1 Cadbury’s “Gorilla” (16% of the vote)

The G&T office playlist

The office jukebox is on all day, banging out tunes that inspire & energise us. And because we’re all in one open space, we’ve created a Spotify playlist to which we all contribute so there’s something for everyone. Check it out… and follow it if you like the sounds!

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