Passion. That’s what drives us. You’ll find it behind every strategy, at the heart of every idea and inside every brand story we create. We’re an eclectic team of curious thinkers and makers, who meticulously craft ideas that disrupt, excite and motivate. But we’re not just on a mission to engage in the most original, compelling and inspiring way possible. The way we do it is our heart and soul. We call that philosophy Beautifully Crafted.

Beautifully Crafted relies on a number of key traits that we all live and breathe every day.


Emotion is at the heart of everything we do internally and externally. It instills a feeling of ownership and personal responsibility over our work. It enables our team, with all its different skills and experts, to work closer together in partnership with our clients. Together we solve business problems with creative solutions. Everything we do at G&T is part of our Beautifully Crafted mantra. It’s the finer details, the personal connections, the extra care & passion that make us different to everyone else and mean we always work in a Beautifully Crafted way.

Simple & honest

Life is complicated enough, and we find ourselves operating in a space that is sadly awash with BS. Nobody likes that so we keep things simple with one day rate for our entire team, no jargon and an obsession with transparency in everything we do.

An owner for every client

We don’t believe in bringing our senior team out to win work then passing it down the chain to a less experienced member of the team. Like the whole team, our owners love what we do and want to be part of the team, creating the best solutions and using their many years of marketing experience to help solve our clients’ problems.

OUR NAME. Deep in the Bank of England’s vaults are a small number of notes called Giants and Titans. A Giant is worth a cool £1 million and its big brother – the Titan – a colossal £100 million. Their value isn’t what matters to us. These notes represent the ambition we have for the brands we work with – they act as a metaphor for the growth our clients experience as a result of working with us.