June 19, 2019 Gray Dudek

Birmingham’s best agency for Client Service!

We actively benchmark ourselves using The Drum Recommends because we want to know how our clients feel we’re doing.

Of course, we do ask them all the time but to use a 3rd party system such as The Drum Recommends means we get detailed feedback and also ratings!

We’re super pleased to share that we’re rated 9.3/10 overall for a number of metrics but the key one for us is Client Service – we are the highest rated agency in the Midlands. This is great to see because we have a laser-like focus on Client Service. All agencies have a good skills and capabilities but these simply don’t matter unless you have great Client Service to go with it.

We were so pleased that we created a campaign to celebrate out success and the guys at The Drum Recommends picked up on this and shared it with all the readers too.