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When Spielberg turned up on our doorstep

Exciting times as we arrived at our central Birmingham HQ this week to find the surrounding streets had been turned into a movie set for the latest shoot from none other than the master, Steven Spielberg!

According to the Birmingham Mail, the name of the movie is “Ready Player One” and it’s a Sci-Fi thriller. Our exclusive on-the-ground shots (well, a few snaps we grabbed on our phones at lunchtime!) confirm the Mail’s story as you can see.

We can’t wait to see how this one turns out… Pass the popcorn!

118 video updated to Thomson Local

When Thomson initially came to us for an explainer video about their Get Me Everywhere product we took our time to really get under the skin of the brief and understand what it was about the platform that would get the phones ringing.

Since the video was launched and successfully used in sales presentations the product has been updated a number of times. So, we were asked to go again at the video and bring it up to date.


Giants & Titans – Get Me Everywhere explainer video from Giants & Titans on Vimeo.

Kaspersky Internet Driving Academy

KIDA, for short, is Kaspersky’s way of saying thank you to their top performing network of resellers. Food, Ferrari’s and foot-down action is the order of the day.

This time of the year it comes to the UK along with the two motorsport trucks that have four delicious race-prepared Ferrari’s in the back! We were invited down to see KIDA in action, capture the moments for the attendees and of course have a drive!

Three of us were let loose on the Rockingham track with a Ferrari each. We all thought we were driving like Fernando Alonso.

Then we moved seats and let the professionals take over. They proved within 2 corners that the three of us were really just trickling around the track.

When you couple a race prepared Ferrari with a seasoned race driver the experience is something that cannot be explained. The moves simply defy gravity.

So, we have decided that maybe we should carry on working at the agency and possibly GT racing is not something we’d be that great at.

2017 Blancpain GT Series.
Silverstone, England
12th – 14th April 2017.
Photo: Drew Gibson.

G&T heads for Silverstone

Home of British motorsport, the driver’s favourite, the flattest track ever…the names go on. We’re off there this weekend to support the Kaspersky Motorsport team with their comm’s as usual.

Let’s hope the UK weather doesn’t play it’s usual tricks at this time of the year! Although the racing will be very interesting if it does.

2017 Blancpain GT Series.
Silverstone, England
12th – 14th April 2017.
Photo: Drew Gibson.

Silverstone Infographic from Giants & Titans on Vimeo.

When G&T went to Monza

Just a few days ago we were fortunate enough to be at the first race in the Blancpain GT Endurance Series to support our client Kaspersky Motorsport (and drool at some of the metal on show, particularly the team’s Ferrari 458 GT3). Here’s a quick gallery of some of the images and videos we grabbed while we were there:

[wonderplugin_gallery id=”1″]

Moving up and moving to bigger!

So the time has come to move away from our beloved Digbeth and act like grown ups in the Big City!

We’re not moving too far, because Birmingham is our home, but we are moving closer to the action. Our new address is York House on Great Charles Street Queensway. We’ve now got great transport links and most importantly a Philpotts over the road for the Friday butties and a SubWay underneath us for the all-important 12″ Meat Ball sub for when the night before is knocking us around the next day…

A WordPress plug-in brings down world leaders

The news this week has been filled with the so called “Panama Papers” which have resulted in the resignation of at least one world leader, the Icelandic Prime Minister, and have caused controversy to surround others including Russian President Putin and British prime minister Cameron.

The data involved was taken from a Panamanian Law Firm called Mossack Fonseca (MF) by a hacker and reveals secret financial structures used by the powerful and wealthy to hide their assets around the world.

Giants & Titans | Panama Papers

Wordfence, our chosen security plug-in for WordPress web builds, performed an analysis of MF’s network and it seems that the breach may have been caused by an outdated version of the notorious Revolution Slider.

This plug-in has been linked to many hack attacks over the past 12 months so if you’re site is using this plug-in please do keep it up to date but moreover we’d suggest swapping it out for a different version.

It’s unclear who has really built the Rev Slider plug-in, maybe the purpose by it’s creation wasn’t so innocent after all, but was is clear is that keeping plug-ins and the WordPress core all up to date at all times is one of the best security steps you can take.

So, it turns out that not updating your WordPress plugins is not only just bad practice but it may also  result in the fall of world leaders and the largest data breach to journalists in history…