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Defenders of Digital

Telling the stories of the change makers, visionaries and mavericks who dedicate their lives to keeping digital safe, open, free and fair.



After 20 years, global cybersecurity brand Kaspersky was moving to a new brand platform based on a proposition of “Bring on the future”.

The challenge in front of them was centred around bringing the new proposition to life through storytelling – simply telling consumers and B2B audiences that their brand attitude had totally transformed is not enough.

We had to show them the new Kaspersky outlook in an emotive, engaging and entertaining way.

Cybersecurity marketing is full of FUD (fear, uncertainty and distrust) and we were not going to trade on that platform.

We wanted to deliver on the much more positive brand promise and truly celebrate the Defenders of Digital.



Defenders of Digital was our answer – a celebration of the selfless individuals who fight to keep the internet safe, open, free and functional.

The campaign began in Mevagissey, Cornwall, a small fishing village where internet cables linking Europe to the USA emerge from the Atlantic Ocean.

We installed a huge tower at the end of the harbour that told the world about the Defenders of Digital.

Thanks to the juxtaposition of our high-tech tower in the unashamedly low-tech village of Mevagissey, the story received millions of views online and provided the perfect launch platform for the first series.


The experience

We shot documentaries that would form the backbone of the campaign, travelling around the world and flexing our approach when circumstances dictated to gather high quality content.

Our in-house team arranged and art-directed each shoot, created & asked the interview questions, handled the editing process and even applied subtitles.

With such strong material to work with, the next phase of the project saw us maximising its impact across multiple channels.

To achieve this, again we did not just consider the obvious places, combining left & right brain thinking to launch a wide ranging campaign.

The Results

24.8m video views

of the brand’s new platform content

Won a Global Lovie award

beating off our nearest rival Al Jazeera TV

From award-winning website dev’ to the management of highly complex international video productions, they have won my trust repeatedly. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Head of Brand Activation, Kaspersky Global