We’re in the Birmingham Post!

Exciting times at Giants & Titans this week when the Birmingham Post ran a story about us in their prestigious Business section.

Giants & Titans, Birmingham creative agency

Shortly after going live on the Post’s website the article was #3 in the ‘Most read” section and within 36 hours of publication it had clocked up over 150 shares!

What a treat it is to be famous (for a few minutes!)

Check out the article here.

When Spielberg turned up on our doorstep

Exciting times as we arrived at our central Birmingham HQ this week to find the surrounding streets had been turned into a movie set for the latest shoot from none other than the master, Steven Spielberg!

According to the Birmingham Mail, the name of the movie is “Ready Player One” and it’s a Sci-Fi thriller. Our exclusive on-the-ground shots (well, a few snaps we grabbed on our phones at lunchtime!) confirm the Mail’s story as you can see.

We can’t wait to see how this one turns out… Pass the popcorn!

Kaspersky Internet Driving Academy

KIDA, for short, is Kaspersky’s way of saying thank you to their top performing network of resellers. Food, Ferrari’s and foot-down action is the order of the day.

This time of the year it comes to the UK along with the two motorsport trucks that have four delicious race-prepared Ferrari’s in the back! We were invited down to see KIDA in action, capture the moments for the attendees and of course have a drive!

Three of us were let loose on the Rockingham track with a Ferrari each. We all thought we were driving like Fernando Alonso.

Then we moved seats and let the professionals take over. They proved within 2 corners that the three of us were really just trickling around the track.

When you couple a race prepared Ferrari with a seasoned race driver the experience is something that cannot be explained. The moves simply defy gravity.

So, we have decided that maybe we should carry on working at the agency and possibly GT racing is not something we’d be that great at.

2017 Blancpain GT Series.
Silverstone, England
12th – 14th April 2017.
Photo: Drew Gibson.