July 1, 2019 Gray Dudek

Celebrating our latest win – it’s a big one…

Winning any piece of work based on strategy, creativity and approach is always a good thing. But when you also managed to long term campaign based on an idea your client has had in their head for 2 years but couldn’t quite visualise it is all the sweeter.

And we were up against some of the big firepowers in the social & advertising world as it was a four-way shoot out. We’d love to say who we beat to the punch, but we’re not the type of agency to do that. Let’s just say we’re very proud of our team for their achievement and leave it there.

We can’t say exactly what the campaign is just yet but let’s just say it’s a big one…

There will be miles travelled around the world, shoots, film edits, physical installation work, the list goes on.

Very cool all round and a very new approach to an industry that’s ‘done what it’s done’ for many years.

Time for a shake up!