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21 Bennett’s Hill,
B2 5QP

Ahhh…back in Birmingham again.

We love Birmingham in the UK.

It just has that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that seems to escape other cities.

OK, we’re not saying other cities are any worse, it’s just that Birmingham was the agency’s birthplace and for that reason it’ll always be special to us so we’re totally biased!

Post-pandemic, our new home is even closer to New Street train station, a mere 5 minute walk. And being closer to the heart of the city also means we are even closer to the superb bars and restaurants the city has to offer.

When we need to travel far and wide, it’s an absolute cinch.

The city is clearly holding its own after the pandemic. We thought we’d have the pick of the crop when it came to offices and we’d probably get a superb deal too.


We did indeed get a good deal, but we didn’t have the pick of everything. This shows us that while COVID did gut the city of its people and its life temporarily, those very same people are not giving up on the city – they want back in!

And so did we.

Thank God the days of ‘presenteeism’ are long gone.

But we have opted for a 2-3 model (2 days in, 3 out) because the pandemic taught us many things, with the primary lesson being that each and every person works differently.

The days of being judged by the masses on input have largely gone.

The internet is everywhere yet some still think that we have to be tied to a desk and chair to smash great campaigns out of the park.

It’s output that matters and that’s what’s always mattered to us. How we physically achieve the goals for our clients matters not, it’s the fact that we do achieve them that counts.

We have people who split their days to do the school runs, wake up with the sparrows to then call time late afternoon to walk the dogs and those that just love the 9-5pm routine. So the 2-3 model is a great flex.

Personally, my best ideas and solutions rarely come by staring at my screens. They tend to creep up on me like an SAS soldier when I least expect it. So to make more time for ideas to operate a sneak attack has always made sense.

Our new office is more like home and that was our overall mission. We’ve all spent so much time at our homes over the past years that to then be shoved back in to a space that feels wildly different would take a huge adjustment in mindset. A mindset that we did not want to lose nor change.

Sofas and coffee table vs. board room and chairs.

Break out area vs. eating lunch at desks.

Plants, lots of plants. Clean air is important right?

And many more flourishes that just make our agency that little bit more like home.

Why not pop in and see us some time? The Skittles bowl is always full.