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21 Bennett’s Hill,
B2 5QP

You want good, cheap and fast?

For the past 5 years or so, I’m slightly ashamed to admit I’ve used a painter and decorator at Reed Towers.

I mean, how hard can it be to paint a room or hang a bit of wallpaper?

To someone “more cerebral” like me, it turns out it’s very hard.

And while my wife will attack any task with 100% effort, she’ll also admit that her decorating skills aren’t at the pro level yet.

So, whenever we need something doing we call Dean the Decorator.

He’s a great bloke – friendly, skilled and best of all, he is the spitting image of Will Ferrell (one of my favourite comedy actors ever).

Dean’s work is always good and he does his stuff really quickly. But is he cheap? No.

He costs about £20 a day more than other decorators, but we feel that’s a price worth paying – and not just for the “look at Will Ferrell in my house” selfies that we insist on taking with him.

Every. Time. He. Visits

(I’m sure he loves coming to our house!)

Although he works in a very different space to me, Dean exemplifies two of the three pillars of the magic triangle perfectly.

You know the one – with good, fast & cheap each taking a side of the triangle.

The Magic Triangle is a cast in stone, scientifically proven (well, almost) law that says that it’s usually only possible to find two of those three qualities in any brand, product or service because they can only be delivered to the detriment of the third.

Fast & Cheap – rarely good.

Good & Fast – never cheap.

Cheap & Good – not fast.

…especially if you spend 20+ minutes packing your bags in Aldi like I do every week you’ll know that 😀.

At G&T we know that progressive, modern brands value top quality work, delivered quickly.

That means we’re never going to be the cheapest agency around, but as a lean, specialist team we are extremely efficient and consistently deliver excellent value for money.

Just like Dean – but sadly none of us looks like Will Ferrell.