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You want proof that we turn giants into titans? You got it.

Here at G&T our proposition is simple:

We help giants move forward through agile, exhilarating and effective comms, turning them into titans of their category.

Put another way, we exist to make a tangible difference to brands and businesses.

That’s a fairly bold claim, so we’re often asked to demonstrate what we mean by it.

A case in point

Over the course of this year we’ve been working with a global megabrand to transform the performance of their Direct to Consumer online store.

While the store was performing very well, the team felt it was capable of much more.

So they asked us to enhance it with the goal of improving all of the key performance indicators.

Like all of the best plans, the starting point was to review the current situation in order to find the opportunities.

We identified a few areas for immediate improvement:

1. The style of the visual content was inconsistent, both from page to page and also within the all-important product detail pages.

2. Killer content like reviews were not being used to the max.

3. Visitors to the site weren’t being shown information that would influence their purchase decision in an order that made sense psychologically.

4. There was no alignment between the social media ads that were sending people to the product pages and the content they then found on those pages – again an important behavioural consideration (the human brain loves consistency and is freaked out by anything that makes it wonder “Am I in the right place?”)

Then we got to work creating a smorgasbord of new imagery, starting with the top selling products.

We added reviews alongside products, created snappy new headlines, shot some products in our mini-studio (which is super-cost effective BTW) and generally pepped up the imagery across the site.

And at the same time, we created a suite of social ads with a consistent look & feel so that the buyer journey from Facebook or Instagram through to the eShop was seamless and felt familiar to people.

The results

The revamp had an immediate impact:

47% increase in conversion rate

More of the people who visited the page went on to buy something.


12% increase in average order value

Visitors spent more money as a result of the changes we made.


7% net sales increase

Across the board, sales went up.


At the top of this post I said that we exist to make a tangible difference to brands and businesses. These kind of results are exactly what that means.