Urban Skin


Urban Skin

Global icon NIVEA launched its new Urban Skin range in 2017, and G&T played an integral role in helping them reach a fresh new segment of the ultra-competitive skincare market.

Through a range of engaging creative techniques we were able to introduce the product to millions of NIVEA’s followers on Instagram, Facebook and – for the first time ever – Snapchat. The results were so strong we received praise from Facebook and Snap for the strength of our creative work.

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This was my second project working with the G&T team and once again I was very impressed with the outcome. The quality of ideas, the execution of the creative and the ease of working with the team were all of the highest quality, and the results have proved that. It’s some of the strongest social creative I’ve worked on and I’ve had the pleasure of sharing with many other countries around the world as best in class.
Adam Wright, NIVEA

Emoji Wall

intu merry hill

Emoji Wall

A fun, interactive installation that brought the emojis from our WiFi launch campaign creative to life.

Our bespoke solution used cutting edge technology to recognise shoppers’ faces and expressions and convert them into an emoji.

We’ve never seen anything like the Emoji Wall before… and our shoppers love it! We couldn’t have done it without Giants & Titans’ creativity and techie prowess.
Jonathan Day, intu Merry Hill
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ZS Launch

MG Motor UK

ZS Launch

ZS represents a bold new era for iconic car brand MG, and our strong creative direction was an integral part of its successful launch.

With a multi-channel suite of assets covering press, online, outdoor, video and a launch event, we delivered an array of top-notch work that had massive cut-through for this vital new product launch.

A huge huge thank you for being a brilliant agency and fab people. We could not have achieved what we have without your dedication, creative flair and can-do attitude.
Louise Mitchell, Marketing Manager
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The Hive Launch

intu Potteries

The Hive Launch

The Hive entertainment & dining area was a big, exciting addition to intu Potteries.

Our campaign accentuated the world of new flavours coming to the centre and the city of Stoke on Trent using a bright, joyful creative approach that got shoppers’ attention and drove record breaking footfall in the centre & new development.

The Hive launch was a huge success and our shoppers are now staying longer than ever before. The role G&T’s impactful creative had in this success story cannot be understated, fantastic job guys!
intu Potteries
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I am

Panache Lingerie

I Am

Panache don’t just make lingerie that fits a woman’s body. They make it to fit their attitude, their passions and their life experiences too.

Armed with the insight that a great bra that fits perfectly should make a woman feel the best she possibly can, boosting her confidence and letting her spirit shine, we created the “I am” campaign.

A celebration of everything that makes a modern woman.

It has been a pleasure to work with you. Our team & our retail partners love the work that you’ve created and the campaign is delivering outstanding results.
Leigh Norris, Marketing Director
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Panache Sport Campaign

Panache Sport

Panache Sport Bra Campaign

When Panache Lingerie wanted to stand out in the D+ sports bra market, we called in an Olympian and created a shoot featuring Nicola Adams, the first ever woman to take gold in the boxing ring.

We shot Nicola in an old warehouse with a pop-up boxing ring and 10 women from the Panache team who joined Nicola for a real aerobics class, demonstrating how the product looked and moved among different women of all sizes and shapes.

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Giants & Titans’ concept was a winner from the start and the casting of Nicola Adams was inspired. Everyone at Panache is delighted with the shoot and the amazing work that came out of it!
Jennie Bianco, Head of Marketing

Partnership activation

Kaspersky Motorsport

Partnership activation

Since 2016 we’ve been responsible for creating content and managing the social media channels for Kaspersky Motorsport, activating the cybersecurity brand’s sponsorship of Scuderia Ferrari in Formula 1, DS Virgin racing in Formula E and Amna Al Qubaisi in Formula 4.

With engaging content before, during and after races and an active community of over 250,000 motorsport fans to be entertained between races our approach placed Kaspersky Lab in pole position among all of Scuderia Ferrari’s sponsors.

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Thank you very much for your support and for being such a great team! I have to say that working with you is the experience of a lifetime.
Darya Marina, Kaspersky Motorsport

The Kicking Cage

nivea men

The Kicking Cage

This record breaking campaign celebrated NIVEA MEN’s partnership with Liverpool FC through online content that complemented the superbrand’s “Don’t let anything irritate you” TV commercial.

We shot two videos and created a Facebook app and plenty of engaging online content that delivered outstanding results.

The Kicking Cage campaign is a benchmark example of best-in-class integrated marketing. We couldn’t have achieved the amazing results without Giants & Titans’ creativity & flexibility.
NIVEA UK Digital Marketing
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Digital marketing

Kumho Tyre

Digital Marketing

Since 2014 we have supported Kumho Tyre across all digital channels, designing & building 2 iterations of their brand website, creating compelling social media content, managing online communities and activating their partnership with Tottenham Hotspur FC.

It’s a unique brand that gives us the opportunity to flex our creative muscles, swim against the tide of similarity in the congested UK tyre market and deliver stunning results too.

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G&T has been a dedicated partner of Kumho Tyre UK for many years and their creativity and support is invaluable. From the management of our website & social media and the activation of our partnership with Tottenham Hotspur FC to the provision of dealer support systems and business-critical tools, they’re an indispensable & highly trusted partner whom we hold in the highest regard.
John Thrupp, Marketing Director

New Kit Launch

Aston Villa FC

2015/16 Kit Launch

We made the new Aston Villa football kit launch speak volumes, thanks to their charismatic manager Tim Sherwood.

Our campaign featured some of Sherwood’s most succinct and evocative quotes, oozing personality from the handcrafted typography to the cleverly directed shots capturing the different personality traits of the players.

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#SayItLikeSherwood was an inspired campaign that G&T delivered with insight, passion and creativity.
Russell Jones, Head of Marketing