Social media content for brand awareness

Iconic Scandinavian brand DubbelDusch had embarked upon a brand awareness exercise using some beautifully shot extreme sports footage.

The trouble was, the films had failed to achieve the desired results, delivering zero uplift in brand equity and awareness among their target audience of young men. The final execution lacked spark, energy and the right treatment to appeal to this segment.

Using all our learnings from a Facebook Creative Hack and many successful social media content campaigns, we added bold new twists to the original footage.

The bold, impactful captions we created gave the films gravitas and made the content more thumbstopping than ever before. Our short, punchy edits of the footage communicated the key brand messages quickly and with purpose and by creating specific edits for key Google affinity groups we tailored specific messages for specific audience, giving relevance.

The result: A significant uplift in both brand awareness and brand affinity.

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