Hacking Hurts

Your data is precious. If it’s hacked, it can affect almost every aspect of your life –  like being locked out of social accounts, having your photos shared, or even having your bank account emptied. When digital-security experts Kaspersky sought to raise awareness of this serious issue, we turned to a digital star.

G&T hooked up with YouTuber Josh Pieters to create a privacy prank that made a serious point. In our hidden camera film, Josh showed his friend Sophia Tuxford the consequences of unwittingly sharing your data.

As Josh took Sophia for a stroll around Birmingham city centre, she was presented with her own personal information in a variety of unexpected ways. From her name and number on the side of a passing van, to a busker singing about her recent holidays, the clues became more obvious and alarming. Climaxing with a whole marching band wearing T-shirts emblazoned with pictures from Sophia’s Instagram feed.

With an 18-strong crew, we captured each shocking moment in secret, including Sophia’s priceless reactions. Delivering a highly engaging piece of social content that drove home a timely message.

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