Augmented Reality for kids colouring

If you have children or you’re a big kid yourself like some of us are, then something conceived or designed by Disney will be in your house somewhere. DVDs, dresses, lunch bags, pencils, story books, pens, you name it they do it.

And now the humble colouring book has been Disney-ified with an Augmented Reality app…

Who knew that a little colouring book would now be powered by real-time texturing, outlier rejection algorithms, surface deformation recovery thus outputting a 2-D image into a 3-D one by completing occluded 3-D areas not evident on the 2-D model.

And there was most of us thinking it was just a simple case of tree > chop > pulp > dry > press > print and voila!

Nope, colouring is far more complicated than that as most under 10’s will tell us!