April 29, 2019 Gray Dudek

We’re calling out the Dark Arts of agencies

One of our recent PR pieces has gone down a treat with the industry…

Creative agency Giants & Titans takes aim at the worst aspects of agency culture through its Dark Arts campaign.

Designed to shine a light on the excesses of the industry, Dark Arts reveals eight agency rogues that Giants & Titans want to consign to the history books.

Over a series of short videos and accompanying truth cards the agency profiles characters including The Dinosaur, The Tech Jailer and The Beard Stroker.

Developed by Giants & Titans founders Paul Brookes, Dave Reed and Gray Dudek, the profiles are based on their 20+ years experience agency and client side.

Gray, whose held senior client roles at Capita Business Services and Mars Incorporated to name two, said: “In a fast-moving senior role you need an agency that can keep up with the pace and you can trust. If you have people onboard practising the Dark Arts we are calling time on then it doesn’t matter how clever the marketing strategy might be, the relationship is doomed to fail.”

“We created the Dark Arts to shine a spotlight on these traits. As a marketing professional if you find that you’re coming across some of the personality traits we’ve profiled in the Dark Arts, make a change.”

All eight Dark Arts personas can be viewed at www.giantsandtitans.com/darkarts/.